Swap Your Bitcoins for Domain Names

Because we believe Bitcoin is intrinsically part of Blockchain technology like land is to a country or domain names to the internet and that each offer invaluable freedom. Because we believe in a world free of middlemen and prefer using decentralized and inexpensive services like Bitrated.com rather than traditional escrows with their high fees and dependence on banks. Because we believe that the value of 1 bitcoin equals more or less the value of a good domain name. And finally because without a rocket the moon would still remain a distant object… we launched BitcoinNames.com ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒ‘

  1. What are Bitcoin Domain Names?

  2. We define them as domain names that are 1. as independent as possible from the all too centralized ICANN therefore favoring “domain hacks” (b.tc bt.cx k.im etc.) and cctlds (.ai .to .io etc.) over top gtlds (.com .net .org etc.) 2. domains you can easily swap, purchase and transfer for Bitcoin using registrars that support the cryptocurrency (Njal.la Gandi.net Register.to) 3. domains that are affordable and whose price (incl. renewal fees) doesn’t exceed $100,000.


Where To Purchase Bitcoins?

You can buy bitcoins via the Cash.app (USย  & Canada) Revolut.com or from various exchanges for larger amounts.